What Do I Need To Know Before Buying Land?

  You should always do your research and talk with experts to ensure you understand everything that comes along with any plot of land before you purchase it.   Whether you're a developer or building your dream home, you’ll need to purchase land to support your plan. However, the process of buying land is much [...]

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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Land

Here is a checklist of useful questions to pose to a seller or seller’s representative when looking at a specific piece of land or property. We hope this helps you get the full lay of the land, so to speak, but please note that this checklist is intended as a general guide rather than exhaustive [...]

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15 Best Lakes in Oregon

The USA’s ninth largest state is just slightly larger than the total area of the UK! Oregon is one of the country’s most geographically diverse states, what with its coastline, mountains, forests, valleys and high desert. Thanks to these natural features, Oregon is a popular tourist destination. As a result of its vast range of [...]

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Raw Land Investing With Confidence: Everything You Need To Know

Jump To What is raw land? Types of land investments Benefits of raw land investing Raw land investing tips With the right knowledge and experience at their disposal, investing in land can be highly lucrative for real estate investors. At the very least, those interested in buying land are only limited by their imagination and zoning regulations. [...]

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The Benefits of Land Ownership

Land ownership can be a profitable and rewarding addition to your investment portfolio.   My granddad beat this saying into my head from early on in my life. He always told me, “Son, they ain’t making any more land. Get all you can!” When people think of real estate investments, they associate them with rental [...]

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How to Invest in Land

By TROY ADKINS  Updated Jul 16, 2020 It's often been recommended that people should buy land due to its scarcity. With this in mind, investors need to understand the practicality of owning land and of running a land-based business venture. They also need to be aware of the specific types of land-related investment options available through investment products such [...]

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12 Awesome Reasons Why Buying Land is a Good Investment

Why Invest in Land? | Is Buying Land a Good Investment? | Should I Be Investing in Land? Investing in land and buying land is not a well-understood concept. Most people don’t know for sure how land buying works. And even fewer people understand how investing in land is a smart strategic move for diversifying [...]

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10 Tips for Buying Land

With all the competition for single family homes and the lack of available inventory, some real estate investors are moving to land as their next investing frontier. Meanwhile, some homeowners are looking to get away from the crammed subdivisions and buy some acreage in the country. Whether for investing purposes or for personal reasons, if [...]

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Stock Market Continues to Fall, Invest in Land Now

As the stock market continues to fall and goes through a huge correction, billions of dollars are being cashed out from the most reputable stock market investors and brokers and invested into the most tangible asset there is. Land. APXN Property is ready to help you now. With instant equity AND a money back [...]

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