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Having land as part of your portfolio offers many benefits. Whether you are an investor who wishes to diversify portfolio holdings, an entrepreneur looking to develop land, or an individual wanting to escape to a piece of personal land, owning land affords numerous opportunities. APXN Property is here to help realize those opportunities.

Land as an Investment:

Land as an investment offers many benefits. For starters vacant or raw land has a low accessed value (compared to an improved lot) which translates into minimal taxes for ownership. Moreover, land is a tangible commodity (only a set amount here on earth) and hence can be seen as a valuable recourse. Minimal work goes into holding land as a long-term investment and with exceptionally low taxes is an excellent way to diversify portfolio holdings.

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Land for Recreation:

Land for recreation offers unlimited opportunities. From camping, hiking, biking, hunting, off-roading, and motorsports activities, land ownership can offer the perfect weekend or vacation adventure.

Land for development:

Building on the property is another great way to realize the untapped potential of vacant land. Land owners can build their dream house, live off the grid, or build an underground fallout shelter. Additionally, quonset huts constructed for equipment storage and the land can even be converted for cropland or pastureland.

Land as a source of Income:

Individuals can take land ownership one step farther and turn their property into an income producing stream. Renewable energy, mining of natural resources, easement access, storage services, advertising, commercial development are a few examples of how individuals can take advantage of owning land.

The sky’s the limit for property ownership. At APXN Property we do our best to collect data pertaining to and then list property restrictions (if any) so our customers can make informed decisions regarding whether a particular property suites their desires.