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    Apache County in Arizona is among the most popular places in the United States to find cheap vacant land surrounded by the great outdoors. A lot of people buy rural land to build a house or make it a profitable commodity. The land buying process has become easier than ever. All you need is research and trusted sources to acquire information. There is an abundance of land buying opportunities available for buyers interested in vacant and undeveloped lands. More than 17,800 acres of rural properties worth around $85 million are available for sale in Apache County, Arizona.

    Are you also searching for the cheapest land in Apache County, Arizona? Do you want to buy rural land on which you can set up a recreational center? We have got you covered! APXN Property is a one-stop destination to find and get plenty of profitable land buying opportunities. Just check out our listing to buy any vacant land from available farms, ranches, and undeveloped lands in Apache County, AZ. We have put together a list of best-priced land for sale Apache County for anyone looking to invest in cheap rural land in Apache County.

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    Buy Affordable Residential Land in Apache County

    If you have been searching for land to build your dream house in Apache County, you know there is a lot of land available in good locations. The cost of living in Apache County is 11% less compared to other states, and job growth is positive. Saint Johns, Ganado Fort Defiance, Chinle, Eager, and Window Rock are the best places to move and live. From larger chain stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Home Depot to many small family-run businesses, you'll have easy access to shopping in the county for everything you need. Apache County offers flexible regulations for property ownership compared to other counties in the state and the country. Property owners are allowed a multitude of activities and buildings on their property. Somerural land for sale allows for container homes, manufactured or mobile homes, developed homes, camping, and RVs. It’s an ideal location for people who prefer to live without being tied to a particular place. You can use some properties only for recreation, with no housing or dwelling at all. As always, It is always crucial to check directly with the county in which you want to buy vacant land to make sure the county permits what you want to do on the land.

    Buy Vacant Land in Apache County for Farming

    Arizona is often mistaken to have a large desert area. But the Apache County of Arizona is a hotspot for agriculture. It has approximately 5,591 farms, which is the highest number of farms in the state. Here farmers mostly grow crops like wild flax, wheat, corn, barley, and vegetables and crops for dairy cows. If you’re interested in buying farmland in Apache County to grow food, you must choose a large parcel of land that meets this intent. Interested buyers can obtain low-priced land parcels from available large acre properties in Apache County. Whether you want to buy a small piece of land for RVing, or a large land parcel for farming and ranching, there are plenty of options available to choose an ideal rural land. Apache County is an ideal spot for farming and has a lot of land for sale.

    Things to Consider When Buying Land in Apache County

    The best thing about owning a vacant is that it grows in value and can turn into a most profitable financial asset. The price of land depends on features and location. When thinking of buying rural land for the purpose of farming, recreation, or building a house, the first question appears in your mind, what should I look out for? We highly recommend that you consider a few things, so you can make a better decision and purchase rural land at the best price. In Apache County, during your due diligence consider things like property taxes and check approved zoning and uses of the property to avoid unexpected costs. Critical utility services like electricity, water, sewer, and telephone may be unavailable in the countryside, or may operate at a lesser standard compared to cities. Apart from that, pay a visit to the land that you are buying, always check with the county for permits, the state of Arizona demands a permanent water and waste system to allow landowners to develop a structure on a property. It’s always worth the effort to check directly with any county where you are looking for land.

    Apache County, AZ Land Overview

    Apache County is in the northeast corner of Arizona, formed from one of the four original counties, Yavapai County. Saint Johns is the county seat of Apache County located along U.S. Route 180 and has a population of 3,512 as of the 2019 census. The city has a total area of 26.1 square miles, of which 25.9 square miles is land and 0.19 square miles is water. Apache County has a total area of 11,218 square miles, of which 11,198 square miles is land and 21 square miles is water, as per the U.S. Census Bureau. It is the third-largest county in Arizona and the sixth-largest in the United States of America. When it comes to the variety of lands, you can buy ranch land, undeveloped land, residential land, farmland, and a plethora of large acreage properties.

    Along with the major highways like Interstate 40, U.S. Route 60, and U.S. Route 64, Apache County has four public-use airports, including Chinle - Chinle Municipal Airport (E91), Springerville - Springerville Municipal Airport (D68), St. Johns - St. Johns Industrial Air Park (SJN), and Window Rock - Window Rock Airport (RQE). Apache County is a county of contrasts, known for abundant land that comprises natural resources and a wide array of landscapes. Apache County encompasses Alpine and Nutrioso surrounded by blue spruce and aspen-covered mountains. Navajo Nation lands with red sandstone cliffs, piñon-covered mesas, giant open valleys, hidden canyons, and Greer Valley, where the Little Colorado River flows. Apache County is turning into a popular travel destination because it offers travelers plenty of areas to explore.

    A drier, cooler climate, variety of available land, and recreational activities are big positives for buyers. Here you can visit Monument Valley National Park, Four Corners Monument, Lyman Lake State Park, Sunrise Ski Resort, Canyon de Chelly, Window Rock, Petrified Forest National Park, and so much more. Besides, you can enjoy hiking, ranching, and farming, boating, RVing, hunting, birding, and much more. Several organizations in the transportation, services, and retail industries are located in the Apache County area.

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