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Prior to selling land, APXN Property does the extensive work of searching for competitive land opportunities to determine if the property can provide our customers value. Our due diligence process for the land we sell to our customers is quite thorough. We investigate as many aspects of the land as possible. The investigation includes but is not limited to; history of land ownership, back taxes, property restrictions, liens, easements, zoning, HOA/POA, etc. Our initial investigation helps to develop the data you see contained with each one of our land listings.  

The following steps help to provide an overview of the land buying process. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Step 1

As you browse through our listings, you can trust that APXN Property captures all the metrics associated with each specific property.  Be sure to join the APXN Property community to benefit from exclusive listings and land discounts!

Step 2

After you select a property, choose a payment method that works the best for you (e.g., cash, bank transfer, credit card, etc.). Head over to our Land Help page for a description of each payment method. If a payment option is not available for a specific property, give us a call and we would be happy to work with you.  



Step  3

After payment is received (cash price or the down payment for financing) APXN Property will being to process the necessary land-based paperwork.

      • For a cash price the paperwork includes a Purchase Sell Agreement.
      • For financing the paperwork includes a Promissory Note and Land Sale Contract.

Step  4

You sign and return the paperwork sent by APXN Property (Purchase Sell Agreement and Promissory Note/Land Contract if applicable).  

      • For cash buyers the property Title is transferred (by way of Deed) to you.
      • For buyers who have elected for financing, after the terms of the Land Sale Contract have been met, APXN Property will transfer the property Title (by way of Deed) to you.



Step  5

Enjoy your new land purchase! Check out our Why Buy Land page for a few great ideas for your land.

Optional Services: In an effort to keep costs low and maintain a value to our buyers our land prices do not include Title Insurance, Escrow or Notary services. APXN Property understands that buyers may feel more comfortable with these services and for an additional expense we are happy to offer and coordinate these services with you. Please give us a call if you are interested in Title Insurance or Escrow/Notary Services.